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How old is Dusty Baker? Astros manager looks to make World Series history ‘at a cool 72’
As he’s done often before, Astros manager Dusty Baker is on the precipice four games to be exact of making history. There are likely books that Baker could fill with stories about a whole host of topics ?from his relationship with the late Henry Aaron, to managing Barry Bonds to even potentially inventing the high-five and so much more.

He could add another chapter to his storied career when this year’s?World Series concludes, as he’d become the second-oldest manager to win a World Series, among other possible superlatives. He also has the most wins (1,987) of any manager without a World Series title.

Baker is in second year in Houston. Brought in to try and give the team a steady managerial presence following the wake of A.J.?Hinch’s suspension in the famed cheating scandal, he led them to this juncture last year before losing the ALCS in seven games to the Rays.

His time in Houston has also been historic for other reasons. The Astros won the AL West division title this year, making him the first manager in history to capture division titles with five different teams.

And en route to last year’s ALCS, simply by making the playoffs, he made history as the first manager to lead five teams to the postseason.

The World Series gets underway Tuesday with Framber Valdez on the bump for the Astros and Charlie Morton on the mound for the Braves.

But before it does, here’s everything you need to know about Dusty Baker.

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Baker, born Johnnie B. Baker Jr., is 72, making him the second-oldest active manager in the major leagues behind the White Sox’s Tony LaRussa, who’s 77.

And even though Baker is one of the oldest managers in the bigs, he assures people he’s not some doddering old man, constantly reminding people he’s “a cool 72.”

Don’t?just take Baker’s word for it, though.

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